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Hello baby and welcome to my official page! My name is Danai and I was born in Athens, Greece. Those who know me describe me as pretty and fun loving. Personally, I believe I’m a rare combination of Kim Kardashian (voluptuous derriere) and Dita Von Teese (her mystifying charm) with a twist (a sense of humour.) That is what makes people want to spend time with me. I know how to create the atmosphere that will sweep you off your feet!
My name is the contemporary version of the ancient greek Danae, the mother of hero Perseus.When you first meet me in person, my kindness, discretion and professionalism will certainly impress you. You will instantly feel at ease and realise that I’m differentiated from other providers, offering a sultry combination of beauty, sophistication, intelligence and humour. My top priority is you, always attentive to your needs and trying to fulfill your deepest,most honest desires, to become everything you’re looking for in a woman. I enjoy being in the presence of men, cherish them, making them feel special and unique, and I’m really into what I do.


The whole package is here: curves to kill, busty and booty-licious bombshell, with an insatiable drive for pleasure (seeking, giving and receiving), I have what it takes to create raw attraction and so much more. Chameleon-like, I truly enjoy transforming myself from girl-next-door to a dominant lady to a sex kitty to anyhing else you can imagine. Let me guide you through oceans of passion and sensuality and become your regular indulgence as you seek a luxurious escape from reality. If you’re a wealthy gentleman, with refined taste, I’m your No. 1 choice.


You will never know where your time with me will take you; all I can promise is you will never want it to end.



music, movies, books, internet, binge-watching on Netflix, fine wine,, travelling and meeting interesting new people, high heeled shoes, luxurious perfumes, five star hotels, forensic science.
My motto
I’m a girl with a mind, a bitch with an attitude and a lady with class.


Here are some useful tips before contacting me


• All of the information you need to know about rates, services, bookings etc is given ONLY OVER THE PHONE by me personally. I don’t have time for texting or instant messaging on viber/whatsapp. Written communication is very ineffective in my line of work, because it’s way too impersonal. Besides, baby, this is how I always do the screening of all potential clients: over the phone.

• Oh yes, baby, screening of clients, you got that right. As an independent escort, I tend to be rather picky with my clientele. Hiring a call girl is quite different from going to a parlour. You get personalised and exclusive service from a specific person, not someone you just picked out of a handful of products at a supermarket, if you know what I mean. And it has to be consensual on both ends.

• Let’s be honest, hiring an escort is a luxury sport and very few can afford it. If you call me and start bargaining about the price, you don’t get to pass my screening test. I know how much I’m worth as a woman and as an experienced professional and I deserve every damn cent of it. If you’re not VIP who’s willing to pay premium, I’m not interested, baby (sorry…not sorry!).

I NEVER HAVE UNPROTECTED SEX. This my way of staying healthy and making sure my clients stay healthy too. Also, no stealthing will be tolerated, you will be black listed. And, please, don’t try to intice me by offering more money, only if I lose the condom, it’s never going to happen.

• I never respond to unidentified numbers, so, please, make sure you’ve got your caller id on.

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